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What other people said about our services in handwriting analysis

I had hand written 2 pages of words for Ms Khadijah to perform the analysis.  I was very impressed with the detail analysis which has matched closely with one of the personality test analysis conducted by a consultant Thomas Swan in 1992.

I am now convinced that handwriting does to a great extend represent a person’s character and personality after Ms Khadijah has done the analysis

Leong Guat Heng  (General Manager)


I never knew that there is a way to tell about a person’s personality accurately through their handwriting. 

My wife and I are very glad that we did the analysis on our handwriting.  Now we understand each other much better and our relationship improve tremendously.

Kamaruddin Johan    (Lab Supervisor)


A new kind of knowledge that is interesting and unique.  I could use handwriting analysis to get to know my sons better

Rusdan Karim     (Coating Advisor)


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Learn more about how you can use handwriting analysis to triple the profit in your company

Learn more about handwriting analysis

Our company specialize in facilitating people in discovering their strengths and true potentials.  Not only strengths and true potentials of individuals but also strengths and true potentials of a team

We are the only company in Malaysia that teach you about determining your strengths through handwriting analysis

And if you don't want to use handwriting analysis, we have other tools and experts that can guide you to be where you want to be.

Example of some of the areas that our experts can guide you with:

1.  Discovering yourself -  your strengths and potentials

2. Actions that need to be taken to fully use your strengths and potentials to achieve what you want

3. Discovering your team potentials and how your team can create something extraordinary that give benefit to all

4. Developing effective connections and build positive relationships in all area

5. Share with you on how to become an active and effective listener

6. Share information with you and help you practice to do what most people fear to do

7. Sharing with you on the effective way to take care of your health  - The most important thing that without it you can never do all the above.


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Our focus is that all our courses and programs are tailored based on the requirement of you as an individual, as a team, as a department and as an organization. 

You just ask for it and we create as per what you need.

Because we understand that every individual is different, every team is different, every department is different and every organization is different.

No one course that can cater to all the needs.  It is like buying a clothes, no one clothes can fits all.

That's why we always start our process by understanding about you, your team, your department and your organization.

There are a lot of tools that we use and one of it is as what we teach you -  handwriting analysis.


Let me introduce you to your handwriting

What is your handwriting?

Handwriting is always referred to as brain writing as it is formed in the specific part of the brain that controls the language and writing skills.

Handwriting is like body language but is more specific and is frozen for a more detailed analysis of our unconscious movements.


What is handwriting analysis?

Each neurological brain pattern produces a unique neuromuscular movement that is the same for every person who has that particular trait.

When you are writing, these tiny movements occur unconsciously. Each written movement or stroke reveal a specific trait.

We as the handwriting analysts, identify these strokes as they appear in your handwriting and describe the corresponding traits.

In other words, handwriting analysis is a method of identifying, evaluating and understanding the traits through the strokes and pattern.


So you want to know more about handwriting analysis or other programs that can assist you in enhancing your strengths and potentials?

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You might say that "I have a lousy handwriting so I don't write. I just use my computer, IPad, smartphones etc."

Well, actually it's true that in this technology world people seldom write anymore.

But just imagine this, you receive 2 happy birthday cards.  One with a nicely type birthday wishes only and the other with the a handwritten birthday wishes in ink complete with a signature from the sender. 

Which of the cards that you would feel warm to?

The first one where it seems like no human involved or the latter?

I leave it to you to decide.

Here at Amazing Writing Management, we will share with you how to write like the successful and happy people do.

And if you don't want to use handwriting as a method to change, we have other methods that can assist you.

The important this is you want to change.

And remember this, when you write... You are not writing with your hand only.  You will be writing with your muscle, nerves, brain, emotions, feeling and your surrounding.

To find out more on how we can guide and assist you, your team, your organization and even your family, contact us or click here for more information.


Read the review of my book "Tulisan Cerminan Personaliti Diri" in the New Straits Times

Important notes:

The things you need to do when you want to get your handwriting analyzed:

  1. Sample of handwriting need to be written on a piece of unlined paper

  2. Write whatever you want to write but the best is to write spontaneously

  3. The sample of handwriting should be at least one page long

  4. Use ball pen to write

  5. If you could write print and cursive, please send samples of both

  6. Add the following sentence at the end of the sample "I herewith authorize you to analyze my handwriting" and sign with your normal signature

  7. Write the date


Sample of trainings that I provide:

 - Personality You Don't Want In Your New Employee

 - Detecting Dishonesty In The Handwriting

 - Membina Kecemerlangan Dan Kepimpinan Dalam Diri

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A little bit about the Consultant and Author:

My name is Khadijah Ibrahim and I am a certified handwriting analyst . I am also an author and consultant. 

Go to "About " to find more information to find out more about me and my company.

Check-out my books and eBooks below that could help you in all areas of your life.

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Tulisan Cerminan Personaliti Diri

A book about the basic of handwriting analysis in Malay.  It is simple to understand and fun to learn

15 Secrets of Making Money With Positive Personality Revealed

An eBook that will guide you in starting to build your successful online business and at the same time develop positive personality that is necessary if you want to be successful.


Simple Traits In Your Handwriting

Learn about the simple traits that are shown in your handwriting. Are your habits helping you to become successful or stopping you from being successful






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